Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Following or Leading

During a telecast, the director is either following the announcers or leading the announcers.
A typical telecast finds a good mix of the two.
The director, who is visually writing the story of the game, chooses whether to follow or lead. When there is plenty of action on the field, the director is leading the announcers.
When there is lull in the action the director follows the announcers.
However, when the director is having a difficult time establishing a rhythm, he or she will follow rather than lead.
There is a huge frustration level when a rhythm can't be established and, therefore, the director has to follow and cannot lead.
Believe me I know.
Tonight was one of those nights.
I just could not get into a rhythm.
Sometimes the pace of the game does not allow for the director to get into a rhythm. That was not the case tonight. The game had a nice pace to it. I found myself trying and trying to get into a rhythm so that I could lead the announcers.
Never happened.
When the director can't find a rhythm, the whole crew is affected.
When the director has found a rhythm, the whole crew "feels" it and the shots are tighter and crisper. The replays and video packages work and the graphics are succinct.
However, when there is no rhythm from the director's chair, the crew is wondering just what the heck is wrong with the director.
A home crew which works with the same director for 50 to 75 games knows what is happening in the director's chair and understands that these telecasts happen.
The road crew, which works with a visiting director for 3 to 9 telecasts during the season, thinks the director is awful when a rhythm is not found.
I could not find a rhythm tonight.
Thank God I was with my home crew because I was awful tonight and I know they know that these telecasts happen.
I know I will be better for tomorrow's telecast.
I hope I can't be any worse.

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