Thursday, May 6, 2010

All Good Things............

A beautiful day.
A full house.
An absolutely awful game.
Try as you may in the TV truck, when the game is awful.......let me amend that - when the game is AWFUL, there is not much, if anything, that can be done from a production standpoint to improve the product.
In the fourth inning, the Cardinals starting pitcher had already thrown over 100 pitches.
The starting pitcher for the Phillies, who is one of the premier pitchers in all of baseball, pitched better than the Cardinals starter but still did not pitch to the elite level that this pitcher is a member of.
The defenses on both teams were sloppy.
Even the official scorer was terrible.
A wind blown fly ball to the Phillies right fielder was dropped and scored a triple.
A hard groundball that went right between the Cardinals third baseman's legs was scored a single.
When the players lose interest and the official scorer loses interest, it makes the job of the TV crew that much more difficult.
This game was so bad that shots of the Phillie Phanatic didn't work.
The first three games of this series were fantastic.
Last night's game was one of those great games that happen maybe once a month.
When the TV crew leaves the truck after one of these wonderful games, every member is exhilarated.
Every member is "pumped up".
When the caliber of the game goes from the quality of last night's contest to the absolute "stinker" of today's show, the crew is not "pumped up" they are "wiped out".
The first three show of this series were great fun. The ballpark was electric and the energy flowed.
This fourth game of the series was so bad that even though the ballpark was once again jammed to the rafters the game drained every single ounce of energy out of the ballpark.
I guess this game is just preparing us for the upcoming series of telecasts.
We are in Pittsburgh after all.

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