Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Back To Normal

I led.
I followed.
Back to normal.
This was an exact replica of yesterday's game.
The Cardinals led early while playing well. An error led to Astros runs and the Cardinals lost.
Yesterday, I was never in a rhythm.
Tonight, I found a rhythm early and held onto it.
Two similar games on the field and two different scenarios in the truck.
It is important for the director to establish a rhythm because this sets the tone for the crew especially the producer.
The producer can never control the pace of the game but it is the producer who controls the pace of the telecast.
When the director is in a rhythm, the producer can, more easily, control the pace of the telecast. When the director has no rhythm, the producer has a more difficult time controlling the pace of the show.
All graphics, drop-ins and features (sold items), and replays are the responsibility of the producer.
During a Cardinals' telecast, there are approximately 3 drop-ins per half inning. So, during each half inning, the producer must insure that these items - which pay for the telecast - get "on the air". These items plus replays and graphics must, in order to insure a clean telecast, be inserted without distraction to the audience. The producer must be part magician to accomplish this. Our producer is a master of controlling the pace of the telecast.
The director with no rhythm may be the biggest obstacle to the producer.
I am glad I was not an obstacle tonight.

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