Thursday, May 13, 2010

Home Plate Umpire

Today's Astros/Cardinals game was played in 2 hours and 18 minutes.
Thank you home plate umpire Jim Joyce.
Mr. Joyce called the strike zone as it should be called. If every umpire called the game like Jim Joyce, the game would be played like it should be played - with a good pace.
Every off season, Major League Baseball studies methods that would speed up the game. In fact, last fall a task force was set up to come up with ideas to "speed up the game".
MLB needs to look no further than the home plate umpire.
Call the strike zone as it should be called and the speed of the game will increase to an acceptable time.
I have written in previous blogs about what the pace of the game means to the flow of the show. A nice pace to the game = a good flow to the show = a more pleasurable experience for the fan.
Allow me to put this differently.
Nice pace = good flow = more tickets sold.
Our telecast today included some great super slo-mo shots from our talented super slo-mo camera operator.
These shots were the highlights of our show which had a good flow.
Thanks to Jim Joyce.

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