Sunday, May 2, 2010


It is really nice when any TV sports director is able to "get into a rhythm" during a telecast. Today's telecast between the Reds and the Cardinals was a game/telecast where I had to get into two different rhythms during the game.
The Cardinal's starting pitcher, Chris Carpenter, worked as he always does - lightening fast.
The Reds starter, Aaron Harang, worked at a much slower, more deliberate pace.
I like to go to the centerfield camera (camera 4) right before the pitcher begins his windup. In fact, this is how I set the tempo of my cut. I like to complete my sequence of shots between pitches just as the pitcher is ready to deliver the pitch.
This sequence may be of the sort that follows the announcers or it may be a sequence that is leading the announce team.
Regardless, the pace of the pitcher determines the pace of my cut.
Carpenter's pace allowed me to have a crisp, fast-paced cut that developed into a nice ryhthm.
Harang's pace was the direct opposite of Carpenter's pace. His pace was so slow that this pace made me create shots to fill in the time between pitches. The difficulty of this is that "filler"shots can be lower the quality of the telecast. The key is to create shots that are not "wasted" shots as "filler" shots are usually "wasted" shots.
Therefore, my cut was totally different when the Cardinals were at-bat than when the Reds were at-bat..
When one pitcher has a nice pace to his delivery and another has a completely different pace, this situation causes the director, in essence, to work two shows.
I cut two games today.
I cut the fast-paced Carpenter show and I cut the snail-paced Harang show.
The great thing about the job of a TV sports director is that the director learns something every time he/she "sits in the chair".
I want to thank Chris Carpenter for allowing me to get into a great rhythm as I "cut" the game.
I want to thank Aaron Harang for teaching me the value of patience while I "cut" the game.
Two great pitchers.
Two different styles.
I learned from both.
How great is this job!

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