Friday, May 28, 2010

Cards and Cubs at Wrigley

Cardinals/Cubs = great rivalry.
Wrigley Field = great ballpark.
Televising this game = great fun.
As always, the electricity in Wrigley was invigorating.
The ballpark was rocking before the first pitch.
The TV crew feeds off this energy. I was pumped all day and even though I was on two and a half hours of sleep, it was impossible to be tired.
The first six batters of the game collected hits for the Cardinals and before Chris Carpenter took the mound the Redbirds led 5-0.
Game over.
I was very impressed with the Chicago crew today. The camera operators all worked their butts off and chatter was to a minimum. This was one of our better shows out of Chicago in the past few years. The quality of the Chicago crew has gone down in recent years but you wouldn't have known it today.
At the beginning of the season, I looked to this roadtrip as my favorite of the year. The two cities, San Diego and Chicago, are my two favorite stops to visit in the National League.
I write a chapter in my book Cutting The Game, Inside Television Baseball From The Director's Chair ( on Wrigley Field.
The three sports that I have the most directing experience are baseball, hockey, and basketball.
The following venues are my favorite venues ever in each respective sport:
Baseball - Wrigley Field
Hockey - Old Chicago Stadium
Basketball - Williams Arena on the University of Minnesota campus.
I will always look forward to televising out of Wrigley Field.
Who, what, and where all play an important part in determining the satisfaction of a director when looking forward to a telecast
Who - the TV crew.
What - the sport.
Where - the venue.
Every season, I look forward to directing baseball in Chicago.
Off tomorrow, I can't wait for Sunday.

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