Sunday, May 30, 2010

So Fortunate

I am so blessed.
Every day I sit in the Director's chair for the St. Louis Cardinals, I have the privilege of covering Albert Pujols. Albert is the greatest player in the game today. I have watched this athlete for his entire career which is currently in it's 10th season and the argument can be made that Albert Pujols is the greatest baseball player who ever played the game.
Every single time that Albert is at the plate, we expect something great to happen.
I direct 155 Cardinals games a season.
Sometimes the games are not played very well and sometimes the games are downright terrible.
But, even during those types of games, I know Albert will bat at least four times, and therefore,
I am guaranteed four moments that pump up everyone on the TV crew including myself.
Take today's telecast for example.
The scene was Wrigley field for a Cardinals/Cubs match-up.
As I stated in earlier blogs, the energy at Wrigley is infectious.
Cardinals/Cubs @ Wrigley = guaranteed excitement!
With Wrigley rocking, Albert Pujols came through again.
Three times!
Albert smacked three homeruns with the first one in the top of the first inning that was one of the longest bombs I have ever witnessed at Wrigley.
When Albert came to bat in the top of the ninth inning he was 2-2 with two homeruns and two walks.
This was one of those rare moments where you just knew he was going deep again.
Our play-by-play announcer even asked, "Can he do it again?"
He did!
I truly am so very fortunate that I am the TV director for the St. Louis Cardinals and the great Albert Pujols.
I sit in the chair every game knowing that something special could happen and usually does.
Blessed indeed.

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