Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Off Night

Every Major League baseball team will have an off night.
Every Major League TV baseball crew can have an off night.
We had an off night tonight.
This telecast was sloppy.
Some camera operators were freelancing while "on the air". Freelancing is moving from one shot to another without being directed to do so. Freelancing causes a disruption in the flow of the show.
Our graphics team is usually excellent. Tonight was an off night for our graphics team.
There were mistakes made tonight because there was some laziness involved.
Mistakes made from being overly aggressive are understandable. There is nothing wrong with "trying too hard".
But mistakes due to laziness do not belong on a TV sports production team.
This telecast was not a total bomb but the mistakes took away from the highlights of the show.
Tonight, we had an off night.
Tomorrow will be better.

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