Thursday, May 20, 2010

A Road Game At Home

Today's telecast felt like a road telecast.
There were three different camera operators from my usual crew for home games. These operators are all quite good and work hard. However, it takes more than being a good operator and a hard worker to insure a good flow to the telecast.
Home telecasts always have a better "flow to the show" than road telecasts because the regular camera operators on the crew know the rhythm of the director and, therefore, the shots are crisper and cleaner.
Just like a road telecast, it took about three or four innings before the camera operators fell into my rhythm as I cut the game. Once the rhythm is set, there is a comfortable "flow to the show".
The most important factor that determines a good flow of a show is that the game must be well pitched and well played.
Just because the camera operators and the director are familiar with each other does not insure a good flow. The game may be poorly pitched and poorly played. When the game is herky-jerky, it is darn near impossible to get into a good rhythm.
When this happens, I just "ride it out".
After the 2nd inning when the score was 4-2 with the Cardinals leading the Marlins, both pitchers threw the ball well and the telecast developed a nice rhythm.
The Marlins scored twice in the first inning and the Cardinals score once in the first and 3 times in the second. During these innings I was wondering if the game would ever settle down so that we could get a good flow to the show.
The game did settle down and the three "different" camera operators and I fell into a nice rhythm.
I do not get many chances to work with these three camera ops and it was a pleasure to have them on our team.

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