Friday, May 14, 2010

It Always Seems To Work Out

Park and Power - noon.
Main crew call - 1:00.
I arrived at the truck at 2:00 and NOTHING was working - NOTHING.
This was the first baseball game that this dual feed truck in Cincinnati had EVER worked.
There is something about the dual feed set-up in Cincinnati that is totally different from any other dual feed set-up in the country. For dual feed set-ups in Cincinnati, there is always SOMETHING. Yes, we always make the air. But the most trying time of the day in Cincinnati is always during set-up.
Once we go to air, the comfort level increases.
When I arrived at the truck and nothing was working - and I mean NOTHING was working, I did not fret, I knew we would make air.
And we did.
Special thanks goes out to Goldy, our EIC, Phil, the EIC of the main dual truck, and Fred - the jack of all trades, who worked their butts off to insure that Cardinals baseball would "make the air".
Our telecast captured the main moments of this exciting game which the Cardinals won 4-3.
The viewers at home witnessed a well played, well pitched ballgame with an exciting finish.
The hard work of the three truck techs, of which the viewers had no idea, did not go unnoticed by our crew in the truck.
Thank you for a job well done.
If the viewers only knew.

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