Monday, May 31, 2010

Staying With It

The Cardinals beat the Reds today by the score of 12-4.
The telecast had two halves which were separated by a 1:01 rain delay.
The rain delay came before the start of the 4th inning with the Reds leading 2-1. The telecast was fairly average at this point as the cameras and I were too aggressive and couldn't establish a good rhythm.
Then the rain came.
The second "half" to the telecast was a totally different story.
The Cardinals scored 11 runs with two 3-run innings and a 5-run inning.
The Reds tallied twice with a run in the 4th and a run in the 9th.
It is generally easier to establish a rhythm in a low scoring affair such as the first "half" of the telecast today.
However, this was not the case today.
Multiple run innings can be the most difficult for the director and crew to establish a rhythm but we captured a great rhythm today especially in the 5th inning.
The Cardinals parlayed a single, a double, a single, a double, a sacrifice fly, and another single in the 5-run 6th inning.
Sometimes after a rain delay, it is hard for the crew to get "back into " a game. When the game starts the crew is fairly pumped, but a rain delay can take some of the pre-game adrenalin away.
Our crew "stayed with it" after the delay and delivered a nice, clean telecast.

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