Sunday, September 19, 2010

Well Pitched Game, Sloppy Telecast

The Cardinals beat the Padres today in 2:22 by the score of 4-1.
Adam Wainwright pitched a gem allowing 5 hits in 8 innings while striking out 7. This feat by Wainwright is even better than it looks when you take into the fact that the home plate umpire had the tiniest of strike zones today.
I have blogged many times that the well-pitched, well-played games offer the pace that is very conducive to a clean telecast.
Not today.
This was a very sloppy telecast today.
There was a whip pan and some bad cuts during action.
As the season winds down, the possibility of a poor telecast increases. Another reason is that football is starting and the local crew is starting to work with other Producers and Directors. The St. Louis home show crew has worked exclusively with me and Mike for the whole summer and now they are working on other sports telecasts with many other Producer/Director teams.
Each team has a different rhythm during a telecast and all crews must adjust to this rhythm as the show goes on in order to insure a quality telecast.
It does not matter that our home TV crew has done fifty straight baseball games with the same Producer and Director. Working with another Producer/Director team will have an effect on the regular team and the quality of the show will reflect this.
This is why, I believe, that basketball and hockey telecasts have a more difficult time televising quality shows than baseball. When you are in a city for baseball, there will be 3 or 4 telecasts back-to-back.
Basketball and hockey televise 2, 3, or 4 games a week in different cities with different crews. Kudos to my basketball and hockey peers for the fine product they put out show after show.
A difficult task indeed.
Baseball is much more of a grind than basketball or hockey. Every single Cardinals game is on television this season. The games that are not on ESPN or big FOX are on local TV. Including spring training, Cardinals fans will enjoy 155 games on local TV this season. The nice thing about this is that there are no off days on the road. It seems that when the Cardinals are on Saturday Big Fox, they are also on ESPN Sunday Night Baseball.
This is great because off days on the road are awful. If the team is playing, I want to be part of the telecast.
There are many off days on the road for basketball and hockey. When I did the NBA or the NHL, I never liked the off days on the road.
Again, kudos to my peers in those sports for their fine efforts during their respective seasons.
Speaking of the road, I am in Miami for a make-up rain out game to be played tomorrow at 3:00 local.
Hmm....let's Florida Marlins (eliminated)......3:00 Monday afternoon make-up game....and then on to Pittsburgh. Should be a fun blog.
Ah the glamour!

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