Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Three Similar Games, Three Similar Telecasts

A recap of the 3-game series between the Cardinals and the Astros.
Game 1:
Score: 2-0 Astros
Cardinals - 2 hits
Time - 2:00
Game 2:
Score - 3-0 Astros
Cardinals - 3 hits
Time - 2:21
Game 3:
Score: 5-2 Astros
Cardinals - 7 hits
Time - 2:38
These well-pitched, well-paced, low scoring affairs offered the Cardinals television viewers with almost no excitement at all.
The two run homerun that began the third game was about all the excitement that happened for Cardinals' fans throughout the series.
There is frustration in the TV truck as we try and try to raise the quality level of the telecast and we can do absolutely nothing to raise the quality level of the game.
Generally speaking, these types of games usually offer a great viewing experience for the fans watching on television.
I have never seen anything like this series in my 28 years of televising Major League Baseball.
I hope I never experience this again.
Off day tomorrow and then the Reds come to Busch Stadium for a three game set.
There is NO WAY this series will mirror the Astros games.
I can't wait.

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