Thursday, September 16, 2010

Planned Telecast

On July 31st, the Cardinals traded Ryan Ludwick to the San Diego Padres and received Jake Westbrook from the Cleveland Indians.
Tonight, September 16th, was the only visit to Busch Stadium by the Padres this season.
We have had our eye on this game for sometime.
The trade was our central theme for the telecast tonight. We highlighted each player during our opening segment and revisited the theme throughout the show with graphics and video.
We capped off the show with a video package during the postgame show that revisited each at-bat between Ludwick and Westbrook.
This show worked.
There are two very important factors that determine the quality of the telecast.
Preparation and communication.
These factors are both equally important.
The St. Louis Cardinals TV crew was more prepared for this telecast than any other show this season. This preparation enhanced the communication between the truck and crew and between the truck and the booth.
It showed.
This was a great telecast!


  1. Also, it was nice that the Cardinals won in convincing fashion and that Westbrook finally got some run support!

  2. Wanted to again express my appreciation for your time talking to us bloggers in the truck before this game. It was a fascinating experience and I've already gotten into Cutting the Game! Thanks again!