Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Is It Really September 29th?

The Cardinals beat the Pirates today in by the score of 4-1.
This was a well pitched, well played game.
Going into the 4th inning, the game was only :31 in length.
After six innings the time of game was 1:29.
The final time of the contest was 2:15 which is incredible for a late September game between two teams that have been eliminated from contention.
The game included some great plays and clutch hitting including a homerun.
There was a great flow to the show today as the pace of the telecast kept up with the speed of the game.
We were talking in the truck before the game about the Cardinals' lineup that included only one regular - Colby Rasmus. The rest of the batting order looked like the Cardinals AAA club from Memphis.
Because of this, we were expecting a typical game that occurs after the September call-up when the rosters are expanded.
Boy were we wrong!
This was one of our best telecasts of the season and this certainly was one of the best played games of the year!
Is it really September 29th?

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