Tuesday, September 21, 2010

A Light Moment

Producing and directing live television sports is a high pressured job. We have one chance to capture a play in the highest quality possible. Thousands of split second decisions are made during every telecast.
Sometimes we get it right and sometimes we could have made a better decision.
Because of this scenario, it is the producer and the director who MUST insure that there is not too much pressure on the crew and even the announcers. It is our job to create the proper atmosphere in the truck therefore allowing the crew to perform at a high quality level.
This is why the screamers in our business NEVER get the most out of the crew. The screamers in our business are those with the biggest egos and the least talent. Period.
The trick is to not go "too far" with the lightheartedness and I admit that I have crossed that line a few times in my career.
There was an example tonight, however, that I made a comment to the announcers in their headsets that lightened up the mood during another frustrating Cardinals loss.
Because communication is so important between the truck and the booth that the audio system (called RTS) allows for the producer and the director to talk to the announcers and the announcers to talk to the truck without the audio going over the air.
Late in the game, Pirates catcher Ryan Doumit (Pronounced doe mit) had just completed an at-bat and I said to Dan (PXP) and Al (Color), "Do you know what Ryan Doumit's brother's name is?" ........."Duncan".
Dan started laughing (off the air) and Al suggested I write about this in the blog.

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