Friday, September 17, 2010

Lots Of Action

The Cardinals beat the Padres tonight by the score of 14-4 and the two teams combined for 29 hits.
My favorite game to cut is one that features low scoring and good pitching. These games tend to have a good pace and it is easy to get into a rhythm while cutting the game. Every TV baseball director loves to get into a nice rhythm during the game/telecast.
Tonight's game featured season highs in both runs and hits for the Cardinals. This type of game in not a game that I usually prefer to cut, but I really enjoyed cutting this game.
As I write in my book Cutting The Game, Inside Television Baseball From The Director's Chair (, The homerun cut is the most fun a TV baseball director can have during a game/telecast. Tonight, I cut three homeruns and even though two of the homeruns were hit by the Padres, I enjoyed cutting them.
The Cardinals scored 3 runs in the first inning, 5 in the second, 1 in the fourth, 2 in the sixth, and 3 in the eighth and I enjoyed cutting each and every inning.
Occasionally games with this amount of action can lead to mistakes due to over cutting. When there is lots of action during a baseball game, it can be very easy for the director to be overly aggressive. It is a mistake for a TV baseball director to try and match the pace of the game. A director can lead the announcers but a director can never lead the game. Take what the game gives you and cut accordingly.
The game ALWAYS tells the telecast what to do.
That's why this profession is so enjoyable. Follow the game - the game will tell you what to do. This philosophy does not entertain forcing elements into the telecast.
Following the game = a great flow to the show.
It's all about rhythm.
We followed the game tonight and had a great flow to the show.
Rhythm = success!

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