Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Stood Out

Most telecasts have moments that stand out.
It is so rewarding for the TV crew when a certain play of the game is captured in such a way that the coverage stands out.
For this to occur all components of the telecast must come together.
Sometimes one of those components is luck.
In tonight's game/telecast, with the help of luck, we televised a moment that really stood out.
Hall-of-Famer Lou Brock was a guest in our booth promoting his golf tournament. Lou is always a great guest and tonight his involvement on or show was the highlight of the telecast.
When Lou retired from the game, he was the all-time stolen base leader in MLB history.
Our play-by-play announcer, Dan, initiated a conversation with Lou about stealing bases. The Cardinals' shortstop Brendan Ryan was on first base and Dan asked Lou to explain the art of base stealing using Ryan as an example.
For three pitches Lou talked about getting a jump, reading the pitcher, and leading off.
This is where we got lucky.
Ryan stole second base when Lou was explaining this aspect of the game!
Our first angle of the stolen base was a super slo-mo shot of Ryan's feet as he took off for second base. Lou talked of the cross over step and his analysis was spot on.
After a pitch, we aired a second super slo-mo look of Ryan sliding into second base.
Dan asked Lou why he always slid hard into the base on his steals and Lou stated, "I slid hard because I really didn't know how to slide". Lou then complemented Ryan on his slide and this sequence went down as one of our most memorable of the 2010 season.
This moment stood out.

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