Sunday, September 26, 2010

The Mindset

Today, I completed my 23rd road season with the St. Louis Cardinals.
This organization travels in first class fashion.
The charters are wonderful. There is plenty of food and drink and the service is excellent.
We stay in four star hotels that can't be beat.
It is a privilege to be a member of the St. Louis Cardinals travelling party.
I enjoy working with the various crews across the country. These crews are filled with very talented and very unique individuals. It is a joy learning from these professionals each and every telecast.
I consider the St. Louis Cardinals travelling staff to be very good friends.
The cooperation from Tony LaRussa, his coaches, and the players is unbelievable. Because of our presentation of the game of baseball the players respect us and trust us. This trust factor may be the most important aspect in delivering a quality television product to the great St. Louis fans.
To be able to deliver quality baseball television for a whole season is very difficult. It is a grind. Every single member of our profession must get into a specific mindset for six months. There can be no wavering from this mindset or the product will suffer. This can be very difficult to do. The reward for a firm and steady concentration on the daily task of presenting television baseball is measured by the quality of the telecast day in and day out.
The most important factor in maintaining this very important mindset is that you "have to care" about your product.
I am proud that our St. Louis Cardinals television team cares and, indeed, loves covering Major League baseball.
There is one week left in our regular season. We have seven home games remaining. These games will be a piece of cake. The quality will be there.
The idea for this blog came to me after we signed off the air today in Chicago.
I felt this intense feeling of relief and satisfaction come over me.
The 2010 road telecast season is complete.
The 2010 road telecast season was successful.
The grind is over!
Thanks to our mindset.

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