Monday, September 6, 2010

The Best And Worst of The Milwaukee Dual Feed

Despite the fact that it is a dual feed in Milwaukee, I enjoy working with this crew and the dual feed situation is pretty comfortable.
We are in our own mobile unit which is very nice.
This dual feed is among the best in baseball.
I really like the crew in Milwaukee. They know the game and they work hard.
This crew is one of the best in baseball.
Unfortunately, the dugout camera locations are on the outfield side of the dugouts and are easily blocked by players or coaches.
These dugout camera locations are among the worst in baseball.
However, the mid-level camera locations are great. They are not too high and not too low.
They are among the best mid-level cameras in baseball.
I am not a fan of Miller Park. I guess I learned this dislike because of the Metrodome in Minneapolis. I was working on the Twins' telecasts when the when the HHH Metrodome opened in 1982 and there was not one day that I enjoyed working out of that monstrosity.
Baseball should be played outdoors.
Therefore, in my mind, Miller Park is one of the worst venues in the game.
I like the Milwaukee Press Room.
It is one of the best in the National League.
We store our equipment in the visiting clubhouse. Phil, the visiting clubhouse manager is a great guy and is one of the best "clubbies" in the game.
All in all, I like coming to Milwaukee.

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