Thursday, September 30, 2010

Missing Cameras

On the St. Louis Cardinals home show telecasts camera 7 is the robotic camera located on the backstop directly behind homeplate. By a directive from Major League Baseball this camera cannot be lower than 10 feet from the ground. The primary responsibility of this camera is to cover runners which includes scoring all runs.
This camera was inoperable tonight so camera three which is located at mid-first base inherited these responsibilities. Camera three is the primary shag camera on our telecast and I really missed this function during tonight's telecast.
I considered using camera five which is located in the low first base (Cardinals) dugout, but this is our super slo-mo camera and I couldn't waste this camera on shots of runners.
(For a complete summary of camera responsibilities on the St. Louis Cardinals read my book, Cutting The Game, Inside Television Baseball From The Director's Chair (
I really missed camera 7 during tonight's game/telecast.
Tony, who is the camera 7 operator, took a handheld during the show and offered some great shots from around Busch Stadium. We used to utilize the roaming camera in old Busch Stadium during our telecasts and I really miss that camera as well.
Tonight's game was well-pitched and well-played and we had a great show.
But, I truly missed camera 7 and the roaming handheld (camera 8).
Every camera on our show offers a unique perspective to the telecast.
Camera 7 and camera 8 may offer the most unique looks of all the cameras.
I hope camera 7 is working tomorrow and I would like to add camera 8 for next season.
I am crossing my fingers.

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