Monday, September 27, 2010

Always Working

The Cardinals and the Reds each have six games remaining.
For the Cardinals to win the Central Division, they have to win every game and the Reds have to lose every game.
In other words, it will take a miracle for the Cardinals to prevail.
The most valuable members of the telecast team are those who never stop working. Just because the inning is over does not mean that "it is break time".
As I have written before, sometimes the greatest contribution to a quality telecast is found between innings.
From the 1st pitch of the season until a team is eliminated from contention, it is very easy for the crew to continue searching for the unique shot and memorable replay. Once the season is over for a team, the TV crew naturally will feel like their TV season is over as well.
They mail it in.
Not our crew in St. Louis.
We had a great telecast tonight.
The camera shots were crisp and clean. There were excellent replays especially from the super slo-mo camera.
TV crews joke about "mailing it in" but I believe that "mailing it in" would be hard work. Much harder work than covering the game in a quality fashion.
As I wrote in yesterday's blog, successful sports television crews MUST have the mindset of being in focus each and every telecast.
The quality of the show depends on this.
St. Louis fans should be proud of their local TV crew.
During every telecast, they are always working.

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