Tuesday, September 28, 2010


The Cincinnati Reds clinched the NL Central Division tonight with a walk-off homerun. What great fun the Cincinnati TV crew must have had!
The Cardinals lost to the Pirates tonight by the score of 7-2 in one of the least enjoyable games of the season. This game/telecast was not very fun at all for our St. Louis TV crew.
The game had a fairly good pace until the seventh inning. Coincidentally, that was almost exactly the time the Reds clinched the Division.
Once the Reds won their game, the place and flavor of the Cardinals contest disappeared.
It was like the baseball Gods stuck it to the Redbirds.
The Cardinals took the field in the seventh inning after the Reds won.
The Cardinals pitcher who relieved to start the inning walked three batters and threw 32 pitches with 16 strikes and 16 balls. The nicely paced game drew to a halt as the half inning took over thirty minutes.
In the television truck, we always try to stay focused and sometimes the baseball Gods test us with an inning such as tonight's seventh.
With the season officially over and the game seemingly over, I must admit that I lost a bit of focus. I even committed a cardinal sin for all TV baseball directors - I missed a pitch.
This jolted me back into the proper mindset, but I relaxed, lost focus, and the telecast suffered.
The Reds clinch and the Cardinals' game becomes a stinker.
You tell me.

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