Tuesday, July 19, 2011

The Technical Director

I write in my book Cutting The Game, Inside Television Baseball From the Director's Chair (www.cuttingthegame.com) about each crew member of a baseball telecast. Although each crew member brings something different to the show and is important to the success and quality of the telecast, there is no member more important than the technical director or TD. You cannot hide a bad TD.
That is why it is so nice when the TD is very, very good at his position.
Our TD in New York at Citi Field tonight is one of those great TDs in our business.
When the director realizes that the TD is exceptional, there is a certain comfort level that rises and a certain confidence level that rises.
I am not afraid to take chances because I know the TD will come through.
I know that no matter what I do as I am cutting the game I will not tie up the technical director. In these instances I can change my mind on a command to the TD at the last second and I know there will still be a great flow to the show.
I know with confidence that the TD will deliver.
Tonight's telecast in New York was clean and smooth and had a great flow.
The whole crew did a great job.
There were none better than the TD.


  1. I've always said the same thing. The best TD can make a sub par Director look good, but a great Director cannot make a great show with a mediocre TD. It seems like the TD is one of the most under appreciated people on the crew with all the responsibility they have. I always show my appreciation to a good TD whenever I can, they make or break a show.