Friday, July 15, 2011


For most of the game tonight, we were a half a beat slow.
Believe me, there is nothing more frustrating for a television sports TV crew than being "a half a beat slow".
Nothing is succinct.
Nothing is tight.
There is a terrible flow to the show.
During game/telecasts like tonight's, it does not matter if we slow down the speed of the telecast or we speed it up.
I don't believe this type of telecast was caused by the 4 day all-star game break.
Obviously the crew can't give in and give up.
You have to keep plugging away and not get too frustrated. I was going to say keep plugging away and not get frustrated but that would be impossible because there is a certain amount of frustration when the telecast is "a half a beat slow".
So the crew can't get TOO frustrated.
I tied slowing down my cut......didn't work.
I tried really slowing down my cut....still didn't work.
Finally in the top of the 8th inning (and I don't know why) we started clicking. We were no longer "a half a beat slow".
And it was just in the nick of time as Albert Pujols hit a 96 mile and hour fastball from flame thrower Aroldis Chapman for a 2-run homerun and a 5 - 4 lead.
Then, in the bottom of the 9th inning Brandon Phillips hit a 2-run walk-off homerun to win it for the Reds.
We were a half a beat slow for most of the show but we finally clicked.
Just in the nick of time.

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