Friday, July 8, 2011

The Break

Just two games remain until the all-star break.
Allow me to rewrite that previous sentence. Just two games remain until the much needed all-star break.
I am so blessed to be able to direct TV baseball for a living. I love the game of baseball and I learn something every time I sit in the director's chair. I couldn't imagine doing anything else. My love for baseball allows me to stay focused during every inning of every game.
There are times, however, when staying focused can be a difficult task.
Like now.
I am beginning to fry just a tad as we enter the break.
I find myself struggling and almost fighting with myself to remain focused. I begin to notice things that I normally would not even be aware of. During a game/telecast, I am listening to the announcers and the producer outside of my headset almost exclusively although I can hear comments from the camera crew through my headset. I hear everything and am able to stay completely focused. However, for the past few telecasts I have heard from scources that I generally am able to zone out such as inane chatter inside the truck from crew members.
Staying focused when the game is on the line is not a problem. Those situations are the most fun to cut and the focus is there. It is when there is not much happening in the game that the mind can begin to wander and the focus can become cloudy. These are the instances where experience takes over and the focus remains solid.
Right now, however, I am fighting it.
Two more game/telecasts until the break.
I will make it but I need "the break".

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