Sunday, July 24, 2011

2 Bad Endings Forgotten

There were 2 bad endings in my life today.
The first bad ending occurred in the Cardinals/Pirates game. The Redbirds lost 4 - 3 on a walk-off sacrifice fly IN EXTRA INNINGS.
Getaway days are good. Extra innings on getaway days are bad.
The second bad ending happened after I arrived at Busch Stadium from the 3-city, 11 day roadtrip.
My son Brian was picking me up and the car he borrowed from a buddy broke down near the ballpark and wouldn't start. Since Brian was stalled 6 blocks from Busch, my good friend and TV teammate Keith offered to drive me and my luggage to the stalled vehicle to give it a jump.
How nice was that. He was gone for the whole roadtrip and his girlfriend came to pick him up. I know the last thing Keith expected to do was delay his arrival home. But there he was trying to help me out.
The jump did not work as the battery was completely dead.
Keith offered to stay until help arrived but I thanked this great friend and told him to get home.
I called AAA at 8;30 and they said they would be there "before 9:30". At 9:08 the AAA vehicle arrived and Paul, the technician, tested the battery and replaced it. He did a great job and we were on our way at 9:45.
I arrived in my door at 10:33 and was met by my beautiful wife Jane and Kirby "the wonder dog".
The two bad endings were immediately forgotten.

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