Monday, July 18, 2011

Softball On An Off Day

I don't know why I am writing this blog since we had an off day today in New York City but I feel compelled to write.
For three or four days I love New York City.
Needless to say it is a vibrant and exciting place.
Anything that anyone could possibly want to do is possible in this city.
So what did I do today?
My good friend Jim Jackson, radio producer/engineer for Cardinals radio on KMOX, and I went to Central Park and watched a softball game for over an hour. It was a heated game that was fun to watch.
So with all the museums and sights to behold in New York City, Jim and I watched a softball game in Central Park. This is not as weird as it seems as Central Park is truly the ONLY place in New York that one can really relax.
I love Central Park.
Off days on the road are the worst. Being creative to make it through an off day is very important for one's sanity as one grinds through a baseball season.
You, therefore, should not be surprised that this was not the first time I watched a softball game in Central Park. My wife Jane and I enjoyed a similiar afternoon about 7 years ago.
I did have a wonderful seafood pasta dish with a fantastic glass of house wine for dinner in Little Italy tonight so I guess I am not a complete dweeb.

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