Sunday, July 10, 2011

Last One Before The Break

The Cards won the game today over the Diamondbacks by the score of 4 - 2.
The temperature during the game was very uncomfortable and, in fact, as I was driving home after the game the temp hit 101.
Even though there were not many instances for the use of crowd shots to enhance the effect of the play on the field, when crowd shots were used they were not very effective. People were hiding from the sun.
I wasn't as sharp as I like to be when I am cutting the game. I occasionally drifted and many of my commands to the technical director (TD) were sometimes confusing.
The all-star break now starts so the Cardinals' TV production crew is off until Friday in Cincinnati. We begin our last 3-city trip of the season on Friday with games in Cincinnati, New York, and Pittsburgh.
I will be recharged after the layoff and I look forward to the second half of the season.
Almost as much as I looked forward to today's game - the last one before the break.

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