Monday, July 25, 2011


I love baseball.
I love directing television baseball for the St. Louis Cardinals.
I love directing television baseball period.
Covering television baseball is fun, is a blast, especially if the game is played well.
Directing television baseball is even fun if the game of the night is well played or poorly played.
I am spoiled because directing television baseball for the St. Louis Cardinals is the BEST job in baseball.
The Cardinals are almost always successful.
The Cardinals are almost always good.
St. Louis Cardinals baseball is ALWAYS competitive.
When our fans turn into a telecast, they expect a victory.
That is why our TV ratings are the highest in the game....period.
I am blessed that I direct TV baseball for the Cardinals.
St. Louis Cardinals baseball on television is produced my Mike and directed by me.
We know and understand the responsibility we have when we televise a game for our fans. These fans expect great coverage and we deliver.
The quality of play by the team dictates the quality of coverage we provide.
Yes, there is pressure because of this but we thrive on that pressure.
Kudos to the Houston Astros TV production team. This season they don't have the LUXURY of covering a good baseball team.
The Houston Astros are terrible.
I paid attention to the Astros' telecast tonight to see if they were affected by the poor quality of play that this team provides.
They have a great telecast.
They cover the game with great respect. They cover their team with great respect.
They have it figured out.
Despite the fact that this is one of the worst Major League baseball teams ever, they cover EACH GAME as if this team was special.
I cover the St. Louis Cardinals with the "luxury" of a good team.
They cover each game as a luxury.
I learned from them tonight.

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