Thursday, June 23, 2011


There were three TV feeds going out of Busch Stadium tonight. The Cardinals feed, the Phillies and MLB Network.
Also, some of our local camera operators were at the NCAA college world series in Omaha for ESPN. Therefore, we were a little short at the camera position for this telecast.
In fact, our centerfield camera operator (camera 4) had NEVER run camera before. And, Our mid-first base camera operator (camera 3) had never run that particular camera before. This is our most important shag camera. This camera operator, Phil, did a very nice job. The only mistakes that were made on camera 3 were committed because Phil was a little over aggressive. Any TV baseball director can live with this. In fact, I would have no issues if Phil ran this camera again.
Nice job Phil.
Our camera 4 operator was Ben. As I stated earlier, Ben had never run camera before.
I asked Ben to practice during batting practice and to not be too aggressive.
Ben did a great, great job.
It was very refreshing watching these two professionals running their cameras.
During the 4th inning, Adam Wainwright who is on the disabled list with Tommy John surgery, joined our announcers in the booth.
Talk about refreshing.
Adam added some real quality to our show tonight and it was very refreshing having him join the telecast.
Televising over 150 games during the baseball season can be a real grind.
Refreshing moments and refreshing telecasts are very important to every TV baseball crew.
Refreshing = refreshed

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