Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Near no-hitter

Tonight's pitching matchup for the Cainals/Astros game featured Jaime Garcia vs. Bud Norris.
During the pre-game show, I predicted on headset to our visiting crew that Jaime Garcia would throw a no-hitter this season. There have been games this season where Jaime has been absolutely dirty. In fact, he carried a perfect game into the 8th inning earlier this season. I would have been prophetic tonight if I would have made the comment about Astros hurler Bud Norris.
Norris carried a no-hitter into the 7th inning and he faced the minimum because his two walks were both eliminated by double plays.
Mike, our producer, and I began discussing camera isos before the inning started anticipating a no-hitter. Apart from the perfect game, the no-hitter is a highly anticipated game by any TV crew.
The no-hitter ended with a home run by former Astro Lance Berkman. The effort by right fielder Hunter Pence was maybe our best replay of the game.
Regardless of which team is throwing the no-hitter, the TV crew becomes pumped and the telecast becomes sharper. Our telecast was one of the better shows of the season because of the game but also because of the Houston visiting TV crew.
This crew is good, very good, and it is a pleasure watching their performance.
This is a veteran crew that delivers.
This crew deserves a no-hitter out of their home park. Something that has never happened.
When a no-hitter or perfect game occurs in Houston, the coverage will be stellar.

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