Friday, June 24, 2011


As I have stated in earlier blogs, the TV production team cannot control the flow of the game but it must control the flow of the show.
There was a great flow to both the game and the show during tonight's Blue Jays/Cardinals contest.
From the opening segment of our telecast until the final out our telecast had a great, great flow to it. This was true despite the fact that our duet (graphics machine) crashed and burned during the pre-game show.
We adjusted by having the Fox Box drop down the initial batter fonts (graphics). Our duet operator, Keith, and our font assist, Dan, were fantastic as they basically built the show from scratch.
There was great teamwork from all involved and the flow of the show never suffered.
The flow of the game was nice as well.
The starting pitchers, for the most part, pitched at a great pace and the home plate umpire had a good strike zone.
This was a comfortable game to televise because of this nice flow.
Until the top of the 9th inning.
Earlier this season, we had a 16 minute delay a the bank of light's over the first base line went black.
The same thing happened again tonight. This time resulting in a 13 minute delay.
At the time of the delay the score was tied at 4 - 4.
I am not in any way saying that the delay played into the outcome of the game but the second batter of the inning went deep and the Blue Jays won the game 5 - 4. The player that hit the homerun was Jose Bautista who leads the major leagues in round trippers. His opposite field blast came off a pretty good pitch so I do not believe that the delay played into the outcome of this game.
Flow, rhythm - call it what you willl.
We captured it tonight.

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