Tuesday, June 28, 2011


There are many ways to be prepared for a game/telecast.
Knowing the players on your team and the players on the opposing team is important.
Knowing the traits of the managers is also important.
Knowing the strengths and weaknesses of the telecast crew is very important.
This is the reason why home telecasts are always cleaner than road telecasts. At home, we know the team, the manager, and the crew.
We also know the ballpark.
Every TV baseball director knows his/her home ballpark. This means knowing which camera will give the best angle from wherever the ball is in play.
Tonight's game/telecast was the first time I have ever been in Camden Yards in Baltimore.
What a spectacular ballpark!
I know from experience that the TV crew in the Washington DC/Baltimore area is quite good. This is one of the best crews in all of baseball.
I know the capabilities of the St. Louis Cardinals players.
I know the traits of Tony LaRussa - the Cardinals manager.
I am comfortable with the abilities of this local TV baseball crew.
Before today, I had NO IDEA about the way the ball played in Camden Yards.
My preparation for this telecast was very strong from every standpoint but the ballpark.
The first comment from the excellent technical director (TD) when I arrived at this magnificent ballpark was, "Let me tell you about Camden Yards".
The TD, Mike, told me and showed me the strengths and weaknesses when shooting baseball at this great venue.
What a great help to me for my preparation.
We televised and great, clean, flawless show.
I felt so comfortable when we went to air.
Thank you Mike Cumbo!

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