Wednesday, June 22, 2011

A Gift From the Baseball Gods

As I wrote in yesterday's blog, yesterday's game was "a game from hell".
Tonight's game was a gift from the baseball gods.
This 2:17 minute affair was a well-pitched, well-played, and well-paced game.
The type of game that every TV baseball director loves to cut.
Unfortunately, the Cardinals lost the game 4 - 0.
This was our annual "Champions Club" telecast. We place our announcers in the Champions Club at Busch Stadium and basically sell tickets to the all-inclusive area at the ballpark.
Indeed, every telecast is a commercial to sell tickets for Cardinals baseball. The primary responsibility for every telecast is to sell tickets for the ball club.
Anyone who disagrees with this statement does not have a clue about sports television.
So, after the game from hell, we aired one of the most important telecasts of the season and we nailed it.
Every involved in this game/telecast was on top of their game.
Their were a few glitches during the pre-taping of the 4 segment open but the timing was excellent.
Once the game started, the key was to cover the game and the great experience of the Champions Club in a seamless manner. A 4 - 0 game is just the type of game needed to accomplish this goal. A 12 - 8 game, however, is the great enemy of this type of telecast.
The baseball Gods rewarded us for our fine effort during the game from hell and tonight's game/telecast was a huge success.

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