Friday, June 10, 2011

It's Only June

The Cardinals opened a three game series with the Brewers tonight with a gigantic thud.
They were beaten by by their closest rivals 8 - 0.
Some friends of mine, staunch Cardinals fans, called me tonight after the game to express their opinion on the outcome of the first game of this three game series.
I wanted to scream.
"It's only June!!!"
A major league TV producer and director must develop a rigid mindset during the baseball season.
The same approach MUST be taken for each and every telecast.
The same effort MUST be taken for each and every game.
Just as every game is important for each team, each and every telecast is important for each TV team.
There should be no difference in the quality if the telecast if the game is in Pittsburgh, Chicago, San Diego, or Milwaukee.
There is no difference in the effort by the MLB baseball team each and every game and the same is true with each telecast.
Spring training, April, May, June, July, August, September, and sometimes does not matter.... the same effort must be given by the baseball team and the TV team.
The success of the season for both entities depends on it.
"It's only June."

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