Sunday, June 19, 2011


To begin this homestand, I moved my mid-backstop robo (camera 7) to the first base Cardinals dugout. I moved the X-MO camera (camera 5) to the mid-third base location. This gave me six big lenses around the field with the small lens now in the dugout.
The robo now called camera 5 had runner and first base pickoff responsibilities.
The X-MO now called camera 7 had the same responsibilities just from a different location.
The first two telecasts of this series were fairly clean and were good shows. I did not have to make any adjustments during the game/telecast because of camera problems.
Today was different.
The robo cam became off kilter in the 5th inning. I believe the camera was accidentally bumped and it was jarred in such a way that it was unusable.
Camera 3, located at the mid-first base became my runner and pickoff camera. This was all fine and dandy until the Cardinals scored. I took camera 3 and realized that he was going to lose the runner as he entered the dugout. I went to a crowd shot as I tried to figure out my Cardinals' dugout shot. Finally, after a shot of the Royals pitcher, a Cardinals baserunner, and some more crowd I took the shot from camera 7 (mid-3rd base)
I was not happy that I took four or five shots before I finally directed the shot I was looking for.
I should have adjusted quicker.
The business of live television sports is all about adjustments.
The quality of the telecast depends on the quality of the adjustments the TV crew makes.
I could have been better today.
Adjust, adjust, adjust.

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