Friday, June 10, 2011

How Lucky Can I Be

It is 4:14 in the morning and I just checked into my room at the Pfister Hotel in Milwaukee.
How lucky can I be!!!
The Cardinals just took two out of three from the Astros in Houston and noe have the most wins in all of baseball.
How lucky can I be!!!
Two weeks ago, a good friend of mine, Marty Brennaman, hall of fame announcer of the Cincinnati Reds said the Cardinals were the most hated team in baseball.
How lucky can I be!!!
The Cardinals, after a slow start, continue to win series after series. And they do it without contributions from the four best players on the team. Albert Pujols is hitting .270. Chris Carpenter has one win. Adam Wainwright will not pitch until next season. All-star closer Ryan Franklin has lost his job after surrendering leads earlier in the season.
How lucky can I be!!!
We begin a three game series with the Milwaukee Brewers tomorrow. The Brewers are playing good baseball right now and are a serious threat in the NL Central division.
I already know what I will blog after this series is completed.
"How lucky can I be!!!"

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