Friday, June 17, 2011

Meaningful Telecast

I did not blog after last night's game/telecast because I arrived in my door at 4:10 AM. I spent my day with my grandson until I left for Busch Stadium at 2:30 PM.
Last night's game/telecast was extra-inning nighttime getaway game - enough said.
The emphasis of tonight's game/telecast between the Royals and the Cardinals was really a telethon, if you will, for the Joplin, Missouri tornado victims of the past May 22nd.
We wre told that the Cardinals' telecast and radio broadcast raised more than $100,000 for the "children of Joplin".
I was proud to be a part of this important telecast.
One hour before the start of the telecast, I visited the umpires to remind them of the extended breaks for this particular telecast. These fine gentlemen stated that they were proud to be part of this important effort and, in fact, donated a nice sum to the cause. They also officiated a well-played and well-placed game. I thanked these four unassuming gentlemen and told them they would be mentioned on the show and they felt that the mention was "not necessaryt".
I will not mention them by name but you can find them by checking out the box score for the Royals @ Cardinals game of June 17, 2011.
Conducting a fundraising type of telecast while also covering the game can be a difficult endeavor.
Finding a flow to this type of show can take more time than a regular game telecast and this show proved that point. But, after the third inning, we nailed this telecast.
From the third inning on, this telecast was a very successful team effort.
Shows like this take some members of the TV team a little longer to get "into the flow".
Once every member of the TV team was on board tonight this show "cooked".
This was not just a baseball telecast, this was a meaningful telecast.
And it worked!

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