Thursday, May 12, 2011

Twas a strange day.
There was a 53 minute rain delay in the third inning that really disrupted the whole game/telecast.
Things were not the same after the rain delay.
Before the rain delay there was a good flow to the show.
53 minutes later, the whole game/telecast took on a whole new feel.
The game will dictate to the TV crew exactly what message it wants delivered.
Tonight's message was especially difficult for the telecast teams, both home and road, to deliver.
Bad baseball is hard to present in a positive manner.
Tonight, good,solid play was rare to present to the wonderful Cardinals/fans/viewers.
There was bad baseball tonight during the Cardinals/Cubs matchup.
We can and we will show Cardinals baseball in it's best possible light.
I believe we accomplished that goal tonight.
But, that was hard to do.

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