Friday, May 6, 2011


The Milwaukee Brewers came to St. Louis tonight to start a three game weekend series.
I enjoyed dinner in the press room with the Brewers TV producer Chris Withers and their director Mike Oddino. During our conversation, we talked about the Twins' no-hitter against the White Sox that occurred a few days ago and we were jealous of the Twins TV director, Matt Gangle, who directed the no-hitter.
A perfect game is the ultimate for a TV baseball crew to televise with a no-hitter coming in second.
Wouldn't you know it, Jamie Garcia of the Cardinals had a perfect game going into the eighth inning.
Trust me, when a TV baseball crew is in this situation, EVERYONE is pumped.
EVERYONE on the crew is "on fire".
Every shot is tight.
Every replay is perfect.
Every graphic is concise.
The audio is "on point".
The telecast is "working".
During the break before the top of the 8th inning, our producer Mike and I began discussing "isos" for the top of the ninth inning if the perfect game or no-hitter was still possible. We wanted Garcia, Molina (the catcher), the crowd, and LaRussa (manager) and Duncan (pitching coach).
After the first out of the 8th inning, Garcia walked a batter to end the perfect game. The next batter singled and the no-hitter was over.
Even though a possible part of baseball history was now over our crew remained focused as we covered a possible Cardinals' complete game shutout.
This complete game shutout occurred and our iso's worked.
However, my choice of shot selection after the final out did not capture the excitement of the moment as well as I had hoped.
Before the final pitch was thrown, I made a decision to cut to Garcia immediately after the final out followed by a shot of LaRussa and Duncan followed by the shot of Molina congratulating Garcia.
The shot of LaRussa and Duncan did not work as little emotion was shown and therefore, my shot of Molina/Garcia was a bit late and not as effective as I had hoped.
However, this was a great game/telecast and it was thrilling.
I know I was thrilled to be a part of it.

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