Friday, May 20, 2011

Once Again.

Another great telecast.
Another great game.
I liked this telecast because we dictated the quality of the show.
As TV sports production teams know, the game plays a huge part in dictating the quality of the show. A poorly pitched and a poorly played game are a classic example of how a game can make the telecast unsuccessful.
The best TV sports production teams do not and will not let the quality of play dictate the quality of the telecast.
Take tonight's Cardinals/Royals game. This was a well-pitched, well-played game that was full of intensity. In fact, the turning point of the game came when the intensity on the field diminished and the Royals scored three runs late in the game.
The St. Louis Cardinals TV production team did not lose intensity and, therefore, did not let the game dictate the quality of our telecast.
The quality of our telecast matched the quality of the game.
Our next test after a huge run of great game/telecasts will be when we run into a stinker of a game.
I am confident we will deliver quality baseball television.

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