Wednesday, May 18, 2011

3 In A Row

Three straight excellent telecasts.
The difference between tonight's show and the previous two telecasts was that this game dictated our decisions while we created moments in the first two shows.
The pace of tonight's game/telecast was brisk. The game was well played and well pitched and was completed in 2:26.
I do not remember any "wow" moments in tonight's telecast but there was a great flow to the show.
Most game/telecasts differentiate between a good flow and some choppiness. The key is to develop a flow to the show despite the flow of the game.
Tonight's game had a nice flow to it the entire evening and our telecast matched this flow the whole night.
It is true that there are some games that, despite the greatest efforts of the production team in the truck, are impossible to develop a flow to the show at any time during the game/telecast. These are the most frustrating of game/telecasts and, I believe, the main reasons for the dreaded truck dreams.
There will be no truck dreams tonight.
I look forward to tomorrow's telecast.
We are on a roll.

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