Sunday, May 1, 2011


For the longest time I dreaded going to Atlanta to televise Cardinals games. The crew talked incessantly and frankly they were mediocre at best. In fact, I tried to take the Atlanta trip off each year because it was such an awful experience.
Not anymore.
From the technical director (TD) to the stage manager today's Atlanta crew was exceptional. The camera operators work hard and find great shots. The replays from the tape crew are quickly cued up and ready to go. The audio mix and the video shading was fantastic.
Exceptional and fantastic were words that used to be unheard of when describing the work of the Atlanta TV techs.
While the quality of TV baseball crews across the country has really diminished of late, the quality of the Atlanta TV baseball crew has grown in a different direction.
They got better!
While flying home to St. Louis on the charter I thought of this crew and wondered why they have improved so much. I came to this conclusion. There is a real "team effort" involved with all members of the Atlanta crew. This TV crew really like each other and as a result they really "pull" for each other. This Atlanta crew truly wants to produce the best TV baseball coverage possible.
We telecast Friday and today and both shows were of high quality.
Thanks to the Atlanta crew!

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