Saturday, May 21, 2011

Pitching and Pacing

The Cardinals beat the Royals today by the score of 3 - 0.
This was the exact score from yesterday with the Royals the winners.
I have tried to post my blog from that game and have been unable to do so. I will keep trying to post it.
There was one difference between these two games and the difference came down to one player - a relief pitcher for the Royals.
While every other pitcher in the game, and there were seven total, pitched with a good pace and with good command, the final Royals reliever was painful to watch.
Slow to the plate.
Slow between pitches.
12 balls and 12 strikes.
Throw a pitch....wait for the return from the catcher....walk behind the mound....mop the brow....and repeat.
It would be understandable if a Royals infielder walked to the mound and smacked him across the side of the head.
Pitchers that work slow apparently don't watch the game when they are not on the mound.
Well let me explain something to you slow working pitchers: THE BEST PITCHERS ARE THOSE WHO WORK FAST AND THROW STRIKES.

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