Tuesday, May 10, 2011

One Inning

This was a strange game.
The first inning took 35 minutes as each starter threw over 30 pitches each.
The first inning was game one.
Innings two through nine were game two.
There was no rhythm and no flow in the first inning for the pitchers and for the telecast.
This first inning was just as frustrating for the TV crew as it was for the pitchers.
Getting into a flow is very important for the telecast crew. Just as important for the success of a pitcher finding that flow.
After the rugged first inning, the pitchers starting flowing and so did the telecast.
I was greatly anticipating this game
Cardinals at Cubs.
Wrigley Field.
Nothing better.
Take away the first inning and this game rocked.
The starting pitcher and the TV crew cannot, must not let one inning affect the outcome of the game.
Tonight's starting pitchers settled in and so did the telecast.
This was a typical Cardinals/Cubs game telecast out of Wrigley Field.
A close game that was not decided until the final out.
Too bad the first inning almost ruined the experience.

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