Saturday, May 14, 2011


It is the same for every Major League baseball player as it is for every Major League TV production crew member.
What kind of effort are you giving to insure the success of the game/telecast?
For the viewer at home, the effort of the player on the field is obvious.
However, the viewer at home may not as easily discern the effort of the TV production crew member.
A player doesn't hustle and the viewer at home will easily see that.
The viewer at home will never be able to distinguish whether or not a member of the TV team is not "putting in the effort."
In fact, and it is a fact, most TV executives are unable to discern when a TV crew member is "mailing it in."
In the TV truck, however, any member of the broadcast crew that is "mailing it in" is immediately identified.
Trust me, these members are IMMEDIATELY identified by the rest of the crew. These members are thus chastised by the rest of the crew and, in most cases, replaced by techs who are eager to be a part of a successful telecast.
Whether or not you are a seasoned veteran or a rookie trying to make your mark in this wonderful business, the effort you put in towards the success of the telecast, is totally identified by the rest of the crew.
The stronger your aim, the stronger you will be accepted by your peers.
Effort - the name of the game.

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