Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Mother Nature

Three hours and twenty one minutes was the time of game tonight in the Cardinals' 12 - 7 victory over the Reds in Cincinnati. Two hours of that 3:21 was a pretty normal game to cut for a Director. It was the first 1:21 that was difficult. I have never experienced a game quite like this in Cincinnati before. Because of the sun flare, I was unable to use my tight centerfield camera for the first 2 innings. During the 3rd inning, neither the Reds telecast nor the Cards telecast was able to use camera 4, centerfield, because of the sun flare. I used my tight center camera 6 instead. So, for the first 3 innings, because I was in the backend of a dual feed, I was only able to use 2 of my 3 cameras. Handcuffed indeed. During this time, I was only able to use camera 3, high first, for my right-handed batter shots. Too high and thus ugly. I adjusted and was very thankful for the "normal" camera cut after the first 3 innings. You can't beat Mother Nature and I wouldn't ever try. But, Mother Nature was a pain in the ass tonight in Cincinnati

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