Friday, June 17, 2016

Fast = Fried

A Producer can't control the speed of the game but he/she can and should control the speed of the telecast. A Director can't control the speed of the game but he/she has to cut the telecast with the speed of the game. The first 4 innings of tonight's Rangers/Cardinals game was as fast of a game as I have ever had to cut. A couple of times tonight I felt like my cut was starting to fall behind the game's speed. This is not very enjoyable to experience as one sits in the Director's chair. Indeed, it is a very helpless feeling. I kept grinding away and finally was able to keep up with this incredibly fast contest but I must admit I was a bit fried at game's end. The Rangers ended up defeating the Cards 1 - 0 in 2:23 here at Busch Stadium. This game did not have the feel of a 2:23 game - maybe 1:23. A bit wiped but looking forward to tomorrow's Fox1 game.

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