Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Fast Game Slow Day

The Brewers defeated the Cards in Milwaukee in rapid fashion today by the score of 3 - 1. This was one of the faster games played in the big leagues this season as the total time was 2:20. We can thank the starting pitcher for the Brewers who threw 8 shutout innings and seemed to be ahead in the count to every batter. We are training a new Director on our show and we helped out Fox Sports North in their training of a new technical director. They both did a couple of innings and they both did a nice job. Of course, our TD (technical director) on the visitor's side is one of the best in the country and he was very instrumental in this successful training session of the new TD. After the game/telecast, we were sitting on the bus waiting to go to the airport to fly home and we were all thinking we were going to be in our doors by 6:30. Could this day get any faster? As the last passengers were boarding the bus we learned that the equipment truck had broken down and wouldn't start. We left for the airport, boarded the plane and sat for a couple hours waiting for the equipment to arrive. I was in my door at 8:30 which is about usual after a getaway day from Milwaukee. A fast game and a slow day. That's alright. Off day tomorrow, game/telecast Friday and then off Saturday (thanks Big Fox), off Sunday (thanks ESPN) and off Monday when we will fly for a series in Cincinnati. Feeling good!!!


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